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Recent Work & Archive

  • Narcissus, Davin Ebanks, Kiln-Formed Contemporary Glass Sculpture
  • Luminous Form: Pink Volume (detail), Davin Ebanks [Granulare Blown-glass Sculpture, 2016]
  • "Luminescent Forms" [Blown, Hot-sculpted and Kiln-cast Glass, Wood, installation view]
  • 'Adjacent' by Davin Ebanks [Concrete & Cast Glass Sculpture, 2014, photo Kaitlyn Elphinstone]
  • Portrait of the Artist: 17.05.13 Pterois volitans [Blown, Sand-blasted, Mirrored, & Hot sculpted Glass, Aluminium, Wood, 18" x 20" x 10", 2013]
  • Portrait of the Artist: Redaction: 13.05.15, Pterois volitans (detail) [Blown and Hot Sculpted Glass, Stainless, Aluminium, 18"H x 8"W x 8"D, 2013.]
  • Blue Arc: Meridian 81.4º West, West Bay (alternate view) [Kiln Cast Glass, Polished & Laminated, 15"H x 36"W x 4"D, 2013]
  • Hot-sculpted Glass, Tree, Earth -- Memento Mori: Plumeria Wraith (detail) [30"H x 27"W x 27"D, 2012.]
  • “And the fishers also shall mourn...” Isaiah 19:8 [Cast Glass, Stoneware, Wood, 18"H x 6"W x 2.3"D, 2010.]
  • The Puzzle of Pattern: Self Portrait with Fish [Pate de Verre, Cast Glass, Digital Printout, Dimensions Variable, 2009.]
  • Blue Meridian: 80º-West, Boatswains Bay (detail) [Cast Glass Sculpture, 15"Hx30"Wx4"D, 2009]
  • Blue Meridian: 81.2º West, Old Isaac's [Cast Glass Sculpture, 36”Hx15”Wx4”D, 2009]
  • The Rite of Polaris [Slip cast porcelain, slumped and engraved glass, 6’H x 10’W x 7"D, 2009.]
  • Old Pease Bay, Wind ESE, Flowing Tide (detail) [Cast and Laminated Glass, 2”H x 15”W x 15”D, 2009.]
  • George Town Barcadere: Unidentified Bones (Installation View) [Cast and Laminated Glass, 3.5”H x 15”W x 15”D, 2009.]
  • Death of the Ajax [Cast Glass, Wood, Ink on PaDeath of the Ajax [Cast Glass, Ink on Paper, Wood, Text, H26 x W96 x D7 inches, 2006.]per, H26 x W96 x D7 inches, 2006.]
  • “Parted, the Antilles current…” Meridian: 80º West [Cast and Blown Glass, Image Transfers, H24 x W72 x D6 inches, 2006.]
  • Waterline: Eastern Passage [Hot Sculpted Glass, Wood, Steel, 16"H x 96"W x 13"D, 2003.]