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“Parted, the Antilles Current…” Meridian: 81º West

Cast & Blown Glass, Digital Image Transfers, Water, Cork
H 24 x W 72 x D 6 inches


Black waves, wind-feathered. White birds, dark birds.

The trade winds freshen at first light, and the sea rises in long ridges, rolling west.

Sunrise at longitude 76, 19 degrees north latitude.

Sunrise at longitude 77.

Sunrise at the lesser Caymans. Horizon rises from horizon. To the westward,
Grand Cayman is gray; its high cumulus, visible to migrant birds a hundred miles
away, is a gray-pink.

The sun, coming hard around the world; the island rises from the sea, sinks,
rises, holds.

Daybreak at Gun Bay Village, at East End. Parted, the Antilles Current caroms
on the reef.

~ Far Tortuga, Peter Matthiessen