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“Adjacent” Studio Process: Step 2

Resting after moving materials into studio.

Preparing the Studio

Luckily I was able to sub-let a nearby studio/warehouse space quickly, and only for the required three months of the project construction. With scheduled unveiling July 1st, a typical one-year lease was impractical and unnecessary. The space needed to have a roll-up door of adequate size and be on the ground floor to facilitate access by fork-lift to move the large moulds that we’ll be constructing. Preparation of the space began by installing lighting and then moving in all the requisite paraphernalia of such a construction project. Immediately I began construction of the first stiff back, the rigid framework upon which the first mold would be built, leveled and shipped. Such a form is a typical first step in much boatbuilding, which it turns out this project will have much in common with.

Steven Durow installing lighting in studio.Resting after moving materials into studio.Transcribed 'station line' and 'stiff back' framework.