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“Adjacent” Studio Process: Step 1

Adjacent: Working Model [Wood]

The Working Model

Original maquette for Adjacent (pictured below in black) needed to be remade in a more sturdy material to be a working model. (Rough shaping model with band-saw.)

Bow model shown with form stations transcribed in 1/9th scale. (Stations 4 – 8 shown.)

Longitudinal lines from sections serve to cross reference points along the curve. (Model is held together by dowels so it can be easily disassembled to transcribe accurate longitudinal lines that intersect each station.)

Adjacent: Original Proposal Maquette [Styrofoam, Paint, Glass; 12Hx4Wx4D inches]Adjacent: Carving Working Model [Wood]Adjacent: Carving Working Model [Wood]Adjacent: Working Model and Station LinesAdjacent: Working Model, Station Lines and Longitudinal Curves