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This work is about the tension between the solid, volumetric forms of the catboat ‘columns’ and the lucid, patterns glass facade. The challenge…

Checking for Fair

Although my great-grandfather was a boat builder—having built and fished three catboats—and the desire to build boats may run in my blood, that doesn’t mean the know-how is genetic.

Resting after moving materials into studio.

Luckily I was able to sub-let a nearby studio/warehouse space quickly, and only for the required three months of the project construction…

Adjacent: Working Model [Wood]

Original maquette for Adjacent (pictured below in black) needed to be remade in a more sturdy material to be a working model.

'Adjacent' by Davin Ebanks [Concrete & Cast Glass Sculpture, 2014, photo Kaitlyn Elphinstone]

Intersection of Culture and History It symbolizes this sort of transition moment in Cayman where you move from [a] culture that took from the sea to a culture that protects the environment around Cayman. It’s not only a symbol of our culture, its a symbol of the changing times. The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands […]

Adjacent, Davin Ebanks’ 11-foot black concrete and cast-glass sculpture representing Cayman’s iconic catboat, has been unveiled at the National Gallery.